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So me and my mate are at my house, playing PS3 in the living room. He is round for a sleepover and we are both straight. It's relatively early and we start talking about girls.

I quickly start getting aroused and note that he too, appears to be getting a . It's my turn and I pause the game, and we both reach a kind of mutual understanding through eye contact.
'We both turn around, then on the count of 3 we spin with our cocks out,' I say. 'Sound like a deal?'
'Sure,' he says. So, dutifully, on the count of 3 I turn around with my cock out whilst he does it with a couple of fingers through his fly. I feel really real forced anal against her will humiliated when he says, 'I thought we were only joking,' and drops his fly.

What comes out is a with a good pair of tanned balls behind it. I look at it contemplatively for a while.
'Can I touch it?' I say.
'Only if I can tou - no, suck yours.' This takes me , but I agree. So I hold his cock, and it feels warm, smooth and very hard.

I'm standing there, with my parents liable to burst in at any time with my hand on another guy's dick, when he says, 'Now it's my turn.' So saying he gently bends over and gives me a quick suck. It' an alright feeling when he withdraws and says that mine tastes horrible, and that we should never do that again. I agree.

At this point my other mate comes until his family leaves, so we are only alone again about 5 hours later at midnight. We decided to hit the hay.
In bed we are in pyjamas and decide to play truth or dare. Dares quickly become the only thing we do.
'I dare you to pretend to suck me,' he says, so I pretend to suck the definite outline of his cock against his PJs.
'I dare you to get your cock out,' I say. he does and dares me to do the same.
'I dare you to get fully naked,' I say. Again, he does and dares me to do the same thing.

Feeling I owe him something, I suck his erect cock. It tastes quite nice. 'I don't see the fuss,' I say, and suck it again. He points to it and I give it a final suck, then we both go to sleep in our beds.
In the morning, we go straight downstairs and start playing PS3 again. We both have clear morning glory, and we decide to go back upstairs. He starts playing on the PC, as I playfully touch his . He bats my hand away but doesn't seem to mind.

Eventually, he drops his PJs and says, 'suck.' I do this, and once I am started I keep going. I suck his 7 incher for five minutes, enjoying the taste,when he abruptly says 'stop.' I do, puzzled, and he promptly cums.
I am disappointed that he didn't blow his top in my xnxxv sunny leone video mouth. He goes home shortly after.

I am scheduled to meet up soon, so I don't know if it will happen again. A part of me hopes it does.