Susies Freshman Year

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Susies Freshman Year

Susie Brock knew that part of her would always be sad that she couldnt work it out with Governor Bruce Calahan. She also knew that the Governor was right about them needing some time apart, after being lovers for the whole semester. She had missed him that summer, as she worked in the area, to ensure that she already had a job when the other students came into town. She missed him even more by now, but the past had to be left to history, and the future embraced, so she went ahead and started to take an interest in several guys.

Since she wasnt pursuing a long-term relationship with any of them, it didnt matter if they were faithful, or she was, for that matter. She was just looking to enjoy herself, in between studies, of course. A steady boyfriend would take up more time, which she had to spent concentrating on her studies. She just wanted to fuck now and then, experiment a little, and relax whenever she had the chance to get away from homework, her job to pay tuition, and extracurriculur activities, assuming that she had time for them.

The Harvard newspaper was an obvious choice, but would she really want to get involved in investigative reporting, when she didnt plan to be a indian santali xvideo journalist? As she thought about this, and dorm arrangements, which really worried her, she remembered that she was expected to meet with the Dean of Women about that matter. Maybe she should take these concerns up with her?

Jody Langdon was a woman with a surprisingly /cute/">cute, naughty look on her face, which was the last thing that Susie had expected from a dean, who presumably had a PhD. She was not skinny, but hardly fat either, with more of a high school geek look to her, albeit an /adorable/">adorable, feminine geek- the sort who wrote poetry, and that kind of thing.

Dr. Langdon was also known to be bisexual, and Susie could tell that the rumors were true, from the way that she stared at the ravishing young Englishwoman who had just stepped into her office. 

"Susie Brock, I presume? Im Dr. Jody Langdon, the Dean of Women."

"Pleased to meet you, Dean. Im surprised, and impressed- you look fairly young for a faculty official, not to mention cute."

"Some women in academia would take offense at that remark, but not me. Youre probably just brown-nosing me, anyway."

"Oh, no, maam. I meant it. I think that youre lovely."

"So are you, but that is not the purpose of this meeting, to admire each other, is it? You probably have some concerns- dormitory arrangements, for instance?"

"Well, yes, Dr. Langdon, I do. I need to have roommates who dont disturb my studies, but will still be fun. I mean, you know, studious, but fun-loving as well." 

"Ive heard such concerns before, and I will try to help you, but there are no guarantees, especially given the red tape and bureaucracy of this place. It is Harvard, after all."

"Of course, but if I could prove my seriousness about this matter- you know, the urgency, I would. Im willing to help you, if youll do the same for me. Believe me, it will be my pleasure.", Susie answered, putting much emphasis on the word "pleasure".

"Well, if youre really serious, I dont mind a little kissing of my ass, so to speak. It gives me a good sense of my power here."

"I can kiss bum with the best of them."

"You said bum, not ass, and you have an English accent. You really are British, arent you?"

"Yes, just look at the records. I am a Brit- hope that doesnt turn you off, cause that is my nationality."

"On the contrary, my dear, it turns me on! That accent of yours is delightfully /exotic/">exotic, and it makes my cunt more than a little damp, I must confess. I wonder if youd have mercy on a poor woman, and finish what youve started."

"What did I start, Dr. Langdon?"

"You know what you started, Susie, so dont play stupid. For one thing, youre clearly an intelligent young lady, so you dont have me fooled with that coy, naive girl routine. Youve deliberately been teasing me about the possibility of a sexual encounter, and I cant help but wonder if youve ever been with a woman. Have you?"

"No, Dr. Langdon, I normally prefer guys, but in your case, Im willing to experiment with /lesbian/lesbian-sex/">lesbian sex."

"Good, then dont call me Dean or Dr. Langdon. If youre going to let me into those panties of yours, we might as well be informal, right?"

"Whatever you wish, Jody."

"Call me Jody-doll. I loved it when my first girlfriend called me that."

"Jody-doll- sounds /sweet/">sweet and sexy. I definitely want to help clean up my mess, by eating you out, if thats what you wish."

"First, let me eat you, so youll know what to do."

"Alright, it sounds like fun."

"Drop your slacks, take off your shoes, and sit in my chair."

"Yes, Jody-doll."

"Spread your legs."

"Yes, love- I mean Jody-doll."

"No, wait, love sounds even better- call me love, in that charming accent of yours."

"Yes, love."

Jody really went to work on Susies cunt, drinking up her juices with obvious delight. What was more shocking to Susie was how much she herself really enjoyed this womans kiss on her genitalia. That Jody had the "hots" for her was doubtless by now, because she was acting all thirsty alain lyle porn for the wetness of Susies womanhood. To see this 37 year old woman give her head, and actually bring her pleasure in the process was amazing. Dr. Langdon knew what she was doing, and evidently considered this a rightful perk of her job of helping /college/college-girls/">college girls.